Hex Ourtoberfest (Magic Hat Brewing Co.)

So again this post was delayed due to a missing cable for our camera.  Since this is an Oktoberfest style beer we’ll count this as a Nightmare Before Christmas review.

As I’ve mentioned before, we just bought our first house and after all the moving and settling in I was finally able to return to reviewing beer.  Unfortunately that means some of the beers are past their prime drink by dates.  For example, I reviewed Hex Ourtoberfest on December 1st the best by date was November 30th.  Missed it by that much.  I’m sure the flavor changed dramatically in those 24 hours. The other problem is that this beer is clearly an Oktoberfest style beer that I’m now reviewing in December.  It would have been much closer to October had I done this one before we moved.  My bad.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really look at the bottle to see what it was.  I just saw the name Hex and then I put it in a six pack package and it went into the fridge.  I’m also not a big fan of Magic Hat Brewing’s beers so I didn’t pay any attention.  At least he’s honest. On to the review.

The body color is amber with a light tan head.  The aroma is malty (mostly caramel).  The taste goes just like this as it goes across my tongue; malty, nothing, malty.  That from front to back if you weren’t sure. It’s not sweet like the aroma told me it might be, and there is a slight bitter finish.   Pretty boring if you ask me.  Although, to be fair, perhaps it’s because I’m not mentally in the mood for an Oktoberfest style beer.

Don’t know what the big deal is about Magic Hat Brewing Company.  Their most popular beer is #9 Pale Ale but even that one doesn’t do anything for me (see future review). Love it. Mostly because I love apricots, but love it just the same. I didn’t like Fall’10, I don’t like #9 Pale Ale, and I didn’t like Hex.  I thought Hex was boring.  This beer as well as Fall ’10, #9, and HI.P.A. all came out of a mix pack.  This one and Fall ’10 are done and soon so will #9.  That will leave me with HI.P.A. which I’ve never had.  I can tell you I’m not looking forward to it.  But I do need to forge ahead so that I can make way for Winter/Christmas beer week. I think I might have to step in and review that one. He seems almost biased against them at this point.



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