Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale (O’Fallon Brewery)

I decided to pay tribute to a departed friend by drinking this beer.  He wasn’t a beer drinker. In fact, he preferred whiskey (or a good mai tai).  Since I don’t know of any good Mai Tai flavored beers and I didn’t have any bourbon ales I figured Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale would have to do.  First off, they use Hemp in it (enough said about that).  Second, since rye is an ingredient in some whiskeys I figured it was close enough.  Third, I’m deliberately releasing this post late because he would always show up about 2 hours late to the party.

The color of the body is a lovely dark reddish amber with an off white head.  The aroma is spicy (I don’t mean spices I mean spicy like it has a bite to it) and malty.  The taste is smooth, spicy, slightly bitter, semi-dry and a little grainy (Amber would describe this as tasting  brown, whatever that means). It means it tastes like brown whiskey type things. I don’t like them so I’ve never drank enough to make it more descriptive. They taste brown. I think O’Fallon Brewery knocked this one out of the park.  This is a fantastic Amber ale that is easy to drink but also spices it up a notch.  That’s right. He likes an Amber. Amazing. It’s great to see an Amber ale that doesn’t fall in line with the other Amber ales out there.  If you have the opportunity to try this one you should do it.

*Just a side note there is no THC in this beer but if you drink a six pack you may still develop the munchies.*

The background picture is our friend who passed away in early November.  They were streaming the memorial for him on December 5th and since we couldn’t make it to Atlanta we could at least watch (more like listen as the video wasn’t working).

I hope that on the other side there is some internet so he can read this review and complain about it.  Here’s to you Professor!! I’m still waiting for you to come back complaining about the A-holes you met on the other side.  Miss you my friend.  Rest in Peace.



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