#9 Not Quite Pale Ale (Magic Hat Brewing Company)

Ok so this was a requested beer from our friend and somehow when a beer is requested I seem to have it in my fridge.  I think I might be psychic.  First off, my major problem with this beer is that I know they use apricots in it and I really do not like fruity beers.  I always find breweries go overboard on the fruit flavor.  #9 Not Quite Pale Ale is just that.  I don’t even consider this beer a pale ale.  I think it is a straight up apricot ale.  It smells and tastes like I’m eating an apricot. Therefore, it is not a pale ale.  I’m surprised the label doesn’t say “made from concentrate” or at least “contains 10% juice.”  Enough of me ranting perhaps Amber has some nice things to say about it. It’s a lovely apricot ale, perhaps that’s why they call it Not Quite Pale Ale instead of Pale Ale. Just a thought.

The color of the head is white and the body a golden apricot (go figure!).  The aroma is nothing but apricot!  The apricot overpowers any other, more subtle aromas. The taste is sweet, mostly because of the apricot.  In fact it’s not even bitter. That’s how fruity it tastes.  Just to prove that I did try this beer here is a sample of my notes exactly at the moment I discover something other than apricot:  “How is this a pale ale? Oh, there it is. A slight bitter finish.”  It tastes a lot like apricot nectar with a hint of beer aftertaste and a subtle graininess. I think it’s pretty good if you don’t mind fruit in your beer or you’re a wine person. It would go well with turkey. Too late for Thanksgiving, but keep it in mind if you’re planning turkey at Christmas.

I guess there is always a yin to yang and super fruity beers are the opposite of the super hoppy beers that I enjoy. Does anyone make a super hoppy fruit beer? I think they should. For the future if you request a beer that is or you think is fruity I will try it but don’t be surprised if I don’t like it.  In fact, I drank enough of this one to taste it then I gave 11.5 ounces more like 13 to Amber so she could finish it. Score me.



One response to “#9 Not Quite Pale Ale (Magic Hat Brewing Company)

  1. This just in. CraftCans.com just posted that this beer will be canned. Here’s the link. http://www.craftcans.com/magic-hats-number-9-to-be-canned

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