Hibernation Ale (Great Divide Brewing Co.)

With winter setting in and the temperatures dropping, all it makes me want to do is hibernate.  I know I grew up in Kansas, but I really can’t stand the cold.  Thankfully Great Divide Brewing makes Hibernation Ale which is an English-style Old Ale.  The best part is that at 8.7% ABV it really does make you want to hibernate after just one.  English-style Old Ales (in case you are wondering) are also known as Winter Warmers.  A Winter Warmer ale is a very malty darker beer with a higher alcohol content usually between 6% and 8%.  With the heavy malt and the high alcohol content this beer goes down easy with a wonderful warming sensation.

The body color is a very dark brown with a  light tan head.  The beer looks syrupy upon pouring it into the glass.  The aroma is sweet, fruity, and slightly malty.  The taste has coffee notes with a roasted bitterness that has a slight graininess and a resiny finish.  The mouth feel is thick and dry with a warming sensation.  I found this beer to be really good.  The high alcohol content is enough to warm you up on the coldest of nights and the fullness of the body and flavors are like a quick hike through a pine forest in deep snow at night.

Hibernation Ale is the first beer I think I’ve done for Great Divide Brewing Company and I find it fitting that it is also the first for our 2 week Winter/Holiday Ale review fest.  It’s not actually Winter yet, but it will be tomorrow (12/21 at 5:38 pm).  Hibernation Ale is just how I feel about this time of year.  Tomorrow’s review will be a little more fitting for the day so check back at 5:38 pm when we will post the next beer in the Winter/Holiday Ale weeks.



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