Winter Solstice (Anderson Valley Brewing Co.)

Finally, the shortest day of the year has arrived.  That means everyday after today will be longer.  Until six months from now when they start getting shorter again, but let’s not bring that up quite yet. I’m really getting tired of driving to work in the dark and getting home with 20 minutes of light.  Thankfully, Anderson Valley Brewing Company created Winter Solstice to help ease the pain of the short days.  I’ll admit I don’t know much about Anderson Valley Brewing as I’ve seen a couple of their beers before, but not enough to know what all they brew.  This one is really good.  I wonder what their others taste like….

The body color is a hazy reddish brown with an off white head.  The aroma is malty/caramely with a hint of alcohol and fruit.  The taste is mostly malty with a bit of fruit towards the back (at least it seemed like a bitter fruit finish, almost like cherries).  The mouth feel was syrupy thick and slightly dry, but had a very pleasant warming sensation (after all it is 6.9%ABV).

Like I said, I don’t really find much by Anderson Valley Brewing but this one is really good.  I even found the label to be entertaining as they have the Boonville Bear on the label.  The Bear is awesome because it has a set of antlers.  It’s strange, but it’s unique.  I’ve come to the conclusion that one reason I enjoy Winter ales so much is that they are always big beers.  You may pay more for them but they are usually around 7% or higher.  You get a lot of bang for your buck.  I hope you run out and find this beer to drink tonight and enjoy the Winter Solstice because from here on out the days get longer.



2 responses to “Winter Solstice (Anderson Valley Brewing Co.)

  1. Hi there,

    I work at Anderson Valley Brewing, and I’m psyched you liked our beer! Thanks for writing about us.

    I’m not sure what part of the country you are from, but if you could get Winter Solstice, you could probably get our Boont Amber or Hop Ottin’ IPA. If you have a chance to give them a try, I’d love to hear what you think.


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