Shiner Cheer (Spoetzl Brewery)

I was first told about this beer by a cousin of mine who recently got married. I looked her up on Facebook and she started reading some of our blog and asked me if I had heard of Shiner Cheer.  I hadn’t, but naturally I began my search to find it.  I found some about a week or two later at Heritage Wine and Liquor in Manhattan.  I’ve had this beer in my fridge for about a month awaiting this Winter/Christmas beer week(s).  Because we didn’t review the first one or two or three we had. It has aged a little more and so some of the flavors have calmed down.  Where it’s at for taste is just about right.

Spoetzl Brewery lists the color as being caramel but I thought it was more of a dark red hue it’s cognac with a white head (although from the top it does appear to be a more caramel in color agreed).  The aroma is sweet and mostly peaches.  Cooked peaches, not raw ones. There is a huge difference. The taste is that of peaches and a little nutty. I liked the earlier peachier, less nutty flavor. It’s semi-sweet with a nice warming sensation.  I notice a little bittering towards the back and the mouth feel is slightly thick.   I’m not much for fruity beers but this one is quite pleasant.  The aroma of peaches is a little more overwhelming than the taste is.  They definitely list this as an ale brewed with peaches and pecans.  It’s also a Bavarian-style dark wheat which is another nice change from the standard winter warmers (not that there is anything wrong with them).  Spoetzl Brewery also indicate on the bottle that they use krausening to help keep the peach and pecan flavors subtle.  If Krausening really helps with that I would love to see more breweries that create fruity beers to do that.

Overall, this beer is gorgeous to look at.  The color is nice and it has a wonderful clarity to it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great holiday beer.  I also have to apologize for this post being so late.  We got distracted yesterday and so we didn’t get it reviewed in time.  Hopefully the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present or Future won’t disrupt us from tomorrows review. Do you people really read about beer first thing in the morning anyway?



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