Ebenezer Ale (BridgePort Brewing Co.)

Christmas time is here and and everyday it’s a madhouse full of people rushing to get shopping done.  Trying to one up everybody by getting the next best thing.  Humbug!

I’d rather sit on my couch and enjoy a great beer while watching soccer.  Christmas…Humbug!

Ok, so while that last one is kinda true, I was really just trying to set the mood for Ebenezer Ale from BridgePort Brewing Company.  I hate to be the Scrooge here, but BridgePort just doesn’t do much for me.  I like Hop Czar, but that’s about it.  This one is alright.  It’s slightly different from the other winter ales I’ve had but it’s just not there.  I like it. It’s a lot more beer-y than most winter/Christmas beers. I’m sure if any of you get the chance to try some you may find that you like it as it is not as potent, but to me that’s the fun part about winter ales.  Let’s see if after this tasting the spirits of beer can change my mind.

The body color is a dark brown with a light tan head.  The aroma is sweet, like  caramel, alcoholy, and a subtle floral.  The taste is semi sweet with a slight floral hop bitter finish.  Not as spicey or alcoholic as most winter/Christmas beers, but more hops. The mouth feel is kind of syrupy with a slow to hit you warming sensation.  It’s good, but it’s not great.  It is about half a percent lower on the ABV than others I’ve been reviewing (6.4%) but in a good way. It is slightly easier to consume.  The floral hops in the finish are different.  Yay floral! The other beers I’ve reviewed recently tend to lean with a more resiny hop.  Boo resiny. I’m not sure how I feel about BridgePort going with the floral.  I’m not a big fan, but this is one I could easily pick up and drink many times over without feeling like I’m missing anything.

Well the spirits kind of missed the mark; I wasn’t converted into loving this beer.  I did see the light and realized that my tastes are not the same as others and so this beer might be better suited for some of you than others.  Pick some up and give it a try. Let me know what you think about it.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Be sure to check in tomorrow as I have a couple posts planned and maybe even a third if I can get it done on time.  I hope you don’t mind being educated about beer and Christmas.

Bah Humbug!  Sorry, what I meant to say was Prost!


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