Schlafly Christmas Ale (The St. Louis Brewery)

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I’m sure many of you are unwrapping gifts, eating tons of food, and drinking yourselves silly so many of you won’t even read this until after Christmas.  That’s okay though. I fully understand.  After all, Christmas is about being with loved ones and giving gifts.  Well this review is my first gift to you.  I hope you enjoy it (at least it’s not an ugly sweater).

Schlafly Christmas Ale is The St. Louis Brewery’s Christmas special reserve that is brewed with orange peel and cloves and weighs in at 8.0% ABV.  The body color is amber with a slightly redder tint to it and an off white head.  The aroma is mostly cloves with a bit of spicyness, and a hint of citrus (I didn’t get the hint).   The taste is a lot of cloves CLOVES! and maybe some malt. Reminds me of their pumpkin.but the sweetness and spicyness are still present.  The finish does have a slight orange citrusness to it.  I agree that it does seem similar to their Pumpkin Ale but minus the nutmeg and all apice.  I thought this was very tasty. In fact, I found it difficult to not drink the entire six pack before I did this review.  Overall this beer does go great with Christmas.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and if not, you should grab some great beer and at least be thankful that someone has taken the time to create such a wonderful beer.

Prost! He means Merry Christmas!


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