Euphoria Pale Ale (Ska Brewing Co.)

The day after Christmas.  Either you love it or hate it.  It could mean a full day of traveling, returning items, resting, or enjoying all the new swag you received.  Although I quite enjoyed the items I received for Christmas, the day after for me is a day of relaxation, soccer games (it’s Boxing Day in the UK), and playing with all the stuff I received.  Luckily, Ska Brewing Company produced Euphoria Pale Ale as their winter ale.  I didn’t quite get the name when I bought it a month or so ago.  Now though I do.  First off, most winter ales are heavy and high in alcohol whereas Euphoria is average on alcohol content and not as malty.  Secondly, instead of going with a typical winter ale style Ska Brewing chose a pale ale.  Finally the combination of those provides a nice relaxation.  Relaxation because I’m sure you are still reeling from Christmas Day’s large quantities of food and drink consumption so a lighter beer is probably hitting the spot more than a really heavy beer would.  This lighter beer will still give you great flavor but won’t leave you feeling like you drank a meal.

The color is a reddish/dark copper hue and the head off white.  The aroma is of grapefruit with a hint of malt.  The taste is a resiny bitterness (perhaps they are using Chinook hops), dry, and semi-sweet.  Most of bitterness is at the back of the tongue, but even then it’s not really bitter, just resiny.This one is really good.  I’m not used to having a pale ale in the winter, but it’s a nice break.  I’m also not used to this particular hop character in a pale ale.  An IPA yes, but definitely not a pale ale.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received all that you truly wanted.  I would hate for you all to be standing in line returning items or purchasing new stuff this soon after Christmas. If you are, I hope this post finds you before you head home for the day so you have time to stop by a liquor store and pick this beer up.  It will put you in a much better mood after a rough day.



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