Barrel Aged Brrbon (Widmer Brothers’ Brewing Co.)

Barrel Aged Brrbon is a Brother’s Reserve special offering by Widmer Brothers’ Brewing Company where they took their usual winter offering and aged it 4 months in bourbon barrels.  Seeing as how I’ve not had Brrr by itself I really cannot describe what it tastes like.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to find it around here (it’s probably available in Topeka, KC, and Wichita) but if I did it this year that would be one less I could do next year.  Widmer Brothers’ has some decent offerings.  I think Amber was more impressed than I was.  Drifter Pale Ale is amazing. Although their special offerings (such as this one) are usually much more to my liking.

The body color is a dark amber with an off white head.  The color looks pretty close to a dark colored bourbon which is kind of cool.  The aroma is mostly of bourbon but there are hints of vanilla, caramel, and a woody/resiny smell hidden deep within all the others.  The taste is like the aroma with a mostly bourbon flavor, vanilla, and a bit of woody/resiny hop flavor.  The mouth feel is very warming, semi-sweet, and semi dry.  I actually feel like I’m drinking bourbon.  The warming sensation hits me just like it does when I do drink bourbon. Amber seems to like it too.  This is odd because typically she doesn’t like “brown” liquors. They taste brown.

If you do manage to pick this one up you’ll notice it says it was their fall 2010 release.  I decided to include it in this because Brrr is their winter release and it’s the beer involved so it counts for the winter/Christmas ale reviews.  If you are a bourbon drinker (even occasionally like myself) I highly recommend this one.  Although be aware that the ABV is at 9.4% so it is a potent beer.  Speaking of potent beers the review for tomorrow is one in preparation for the fun of welcoming a new year.  But before we can do that we’ll have to reflect back about the year.



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