Old Jubilation Ale (Avery Brewing Co.)

Out with the old in with the new.  That’s right. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  So to celebrate the ending of one year I opted for Old Jubilation Ale by Avery Brewing Company.  Even as I type this it seems that the wind is blowing away 2010 as quickly as possible.  But this past year has been a great one.  Let’s take a look back.  The biggest even was our wedding.  Without that we wouldn’t have gone to Portland and came up with the idea for this blog.  Also we bought our first house without which I wouldn’t have a place to store all the delicious beers for review.  So for us it’s been a fantastic year and I hope next year will be even better.

The body color is a very dark brown (mahogany according to the bottle) and the head is a light tan.  The aroma is sweet, fruity, and a hint of hazelnuts/toffee (I originally thought it was smokey until Amber pointed out those in the flavor).  The taste is malty/grainy, slight nuttiness, with a toffee finish.  The mouth feel is thick but has a nice warming sensation.  This one is really good.  Warning though the alcohol bite is a potent one (8.3% ABV).  Old Jubilation Ale goes down easily and that ABV will sneak up on you very quickly.

The flavors of this beer give me a mental image of a year that is heavily weighed down with memories, sadness, good times, and bad.  It really does make you reflect on the last 365 days and look forward to the next.  Happy almost New Year everybody and look for 2 posts tomorrow.  We’ll be doing Frambozen and as we celebrate the new year I’ll be cracking into my Infinium bottle.



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