Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale (New Belgium Brewing Co.)

Here it is New Years Eve.  Only a few hours to go before we welcome 2011.  I was originally going to wait until midnight to do a review of Infinium, but then I decided it’s like a holiday today and we should do two beers.  Frambozen is the first beer we are reviewing.  This was a Colorado only beer until this year.  For the longest time we couldn’t get this in Manhattan so we had a friend bring us some from Kansas City (and by some he brought us a case).  He loves me. Turns out, a week and a half later I walk into Nespor’s in Manhattan and see about 6 cases.  Seriously, this whole multi-week delay is getting old.  Anyways I don’t want want to focus on that right now so on with the review.

The body color is a dark red brown with a head that has a hint of red but mostly looks white.  The aroma is primarily raspberries and sweetness. It makes me think of Manischewitz. Not sure if that’s actually accurate. The taste is of a tart raspberry with a fruity bitter finish that is semi sweet.  The mouth feel is dry with a warming finish.  I did start drinking this one a little colder than the recommended 50 degrees but I did let it warm up and try it again.  I still think the taste was the same.  I didn’t notice anything but the raspberry.  Despite that I do kind of like it.  It has a (communion) wine or fruit juice taste.  The fruit bittering finish is nice, but again the raspberries are overwhelming.  I could drink a lot of it. It would be great with strong flavors like steak, lamb, or smoked cheeses.

Seems like Amber has found her winter ale of choice.  As for me, I think I will stick with winter warmers and hearty stouts.  Be sure to check back at midnight for our Infinium review (I know you won’t as you’ll be drunk and celebrating so check back after your hangover is gone).



One response to “Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale (New Belgium Brewing Co.)

  1. I love Frambozen, I think it’s an awesome interpretation of the style. Cheers, gotta try some Twisted Pine Northstar Imperial Porter.

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