Infinium (Boston Beer Co. and Weihenstephan)

This beer is sort of an interesting concept.  It’s actually a champagne beer.  As the commercials say it’s been two years in the making all while staying true to the Reinheitsgebot.  So that in itself is really cool as is the fact that Sam Adams is one of the largest craft beer companies in America and Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in Europe.  Other than that though I think the price of the bottle knocks down some of the awesomeness this beer could be.  That is my one warning about this beer it is $20 for one bottle.  I don’t mind paying that but the fact is I didn’t think it was all that. I’ve had beers I like better for less, but I’m not a huge champagne person. I chose to do this review on New Years Eve instead of when it came out because [a lot of other blogs were doing it immediately and I didn’t want to fall in line] of the novelty of the beer.  I’m sure that since it was selling out in a lot of places really fast it will be done from here on out.  If you are still interested in this one you can find it in Manhattan and Junction City but I’m not sure about anywhere else. There apparently isn’t a market for expensive craft beer here.

The color of the body was gold and the head white.  The aroma is fruity, dry, and semi sweet.  The taste is citrusy, crisp, sweet, dry, and fruity tart.  There are lots of bubbles.  It is champagne beer. The mouth feel has a slightly warming sensation (it is 10.3% ABV).    The price point is a bit much for this one, but this would still be a great beer for special occasions (makes for a nice replacement of champagne if you are more into beer) like New Year’s Eve. If you live in the Mountain or Pacific time zones you might still have time to buy some.

From both of us Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you keep reading in 2011. I do too even if it’s just for the beer porn.



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