Celebration (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

Chalk this one into the not very wintery ales but it’s still quite tasty.  Hops are totally wintery. They’re green like Christmas trees. Celebration is Sierra Nevada’s winter seasonal and is actually an IPA.  This is a bit odd (good) but it is a little more potent then the Pale Ales and Brown Ales that we’ve done.  To me an IPA just doesn’t say winter ale.  It says awesome. I would have to say that the Fresh Hop Ale, or in this case the use of the growing season’s first batch of hops, is catchy but about the only thing going for this one. What?! Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this one but it tastes like any other IPA. Any other really good IPA maybe.

The color is a coppery amber and the head an off white.  The aroma is primarily floral with some malt and a hint of citrus.  The taste has a very floral bitter finish with a malty/caramel body that makes it semisweet.  This is the hoppiest holiday beer we’ve had all season. It’s very refreshing. As far as IPAs go this is very tasty.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company makes a lot of great beers.  This is definitely another great one, but as for it being a winter seasonal I just don’t find it that awesome.  Heresy. But it sure is awesome to drink.  Speaking of awesome to drink stay tuned for tomorrows post for Schlafly Coffee Stout.



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