Schlafly Coffee Stout (The St. Louis Brewery)

As soon as I saw that Schlafly Coffee Stout was being released I was hitting up my local liquor stores asking about it.  I was having trouble with the liquor stores even knowing what I was talking about so finally I just Facebooked the Schlafly people and found out it would take a couple of weeks.  After a couple of weeks, I went back in and asked.  Again nothing.  Two more weeks passed and finally they got some in.  I got there within an hour of it being delivered too.  The owner of Heritage Wine & Liquor knew I would be coming in so he rushed to get it into the system and put some in the cooler for me.  Thanks for that!

The body color is a very (very) dark brown and has a tan head.  The aroma is primarily that of good coffee (to be exact it is espresso) and some malt and a little alcohol.  The taste is of coffee (it even has the coffee bitterness).  The mouth feel is smooth with a slight warming sensation.  This is a fantastic beer.  The first time I had this was last year and I fell in love with it.

I cannot believe how difficult it is to get beer into a town that has 2 breweries.  And when we do get hard to find beer in it sits on the shelf forever (I believe as of Wednesday there were probably a dozen bottles of Infinium left around town).  I feel like I’m doing my part and telling you what there is out there, but now I need your help to spread the word about this blog so more people get the beer gospel. Proselytize!

If you are wondering if the winter/Christmas ale week(s) were over yet, no they are not.  Almost, but not just yet.  Tuesday will be the end of that and then we return to our regularly scheduled programing.  Tomorrow tune in to hear about my Shlafly Winter ESB issues.

Sidenote – If you’re getting into home brewing I highly reccomend drinking some Schlafy. Their labels come off easier than any other brand we drink.

And in another note, Austin brewed ten gallons of beer with our buddy Dustin last week. It’s happily fermenting in our basement. We’ll post about it soon.



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