Schlafly Winter ESB (The St. Louis Brewery)

I know I did a Schlafly beer yesterday but I couldn’t let the winter/Christmas beer week(s) end on such a bad note.  In fact I really don’t have much to say other than to get to the review.

The color of the head is an off white with the body a nice coppery amber.  The aroma is pretty much malty/caramel.  The taste is mostly malty with a slight bitterness, and semi sweet. I didn’t realize until I poured this one and already started reviewing it that the date on the label was very old.  In fact the liquor store didn’t get a new shipment of Winter ESB (like I thought since it was released several weeks before) in but instead found some year old Winter ESB and put it on the shelf.  What the hell!  I wish there was a brewery that cared enough about Kansas to not let this happen.   I’ve had this one before and I enjoyed it then but this time I could tell it just wasn’t good.  Thank god it was a single and not a six pack.  I probably would have demanded my money back. 

So yeah.  Sorry that this one got by me.  I could have just not reviewed it but I feel like the word needs to get out that some of us in Kansas do like beer and do not appreciate being sold old beer.  Schlafly, I have enjoyed many of your beers but this one being on a shelf and having a date that was November 2009 has crossed a line.  This is unacceptable.  I believe after this one I will be avoiding Schlafly for a while until they come to the heart of Kansas and not just KC or Wichita to start fixing this problem.



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