Powder Hound Winter Ale (Big Sky Brewing Co.)

Finally the end of the Winter/Christmas beer week(s).  Hopefully I left some for me to review next winter (don’t worry I do have some stockpiled for next year).  If you remember yesterday I did Schlafly Winter ESB which was awful due to the date on the bottle and not being a beer that ages well.  Instead of ending on a bad not I decided to end on a high note.  Powder Hound Winter Ale by Big Sky Brewing Company is just that beer.  I really enjoyed this one.  I bought this as an individual bottle but it didn’t take much for me to realize I should have gotten a full six pack.  Oh well.  Next year I will be adding this one to my permanent seasonal rotation. 

The body color is copper with a very light tan.  The aroma is malty and resiny.  The taste is malty but only in a semi sweet way and a resiny bitterness.  The interesting thing is that there is something else in the taste, but I don’t know what it is.  I looked at BeerAdvocate to see what it might be and it seems other reviewers had the same problem.  I’m going to guess that it was the hops they used (Hallertau, Palisade, and Amarillo) but I’m not sure.  Well done Big Sky.

I know it’s not much snow but it was about all we’ve gotten that has really stuck.  In fact here is my “Powder Hound” doing his best impression of the label (he sometimes likes to help out with the reviews).

I hope you all enjoyed this years Winter/Christmas beers and if you have any suggestions for next year let me know in the comments below and I will get those next year.



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