HI.P.A. (Magic Hat Brewing Co.)

Another Magic Hat Brewing Company beer!  Yay!  If you read that without noting the scarcasm you must have been reading this blog very long. I’m not really that thrilled about this as I feel like I haven’t had anything good from them.  No offense to Magic Hat Brewing Company, but I just haven’t been that impressed.  Perhaps if you were in Kansas and I had the option I could grow to like you more but as it is I have no problem that you are not here.

The body color is a light copper with the head white.  The aroma was florally with a bit of caramel (which made a nice chocolaty smell).  The taste was also florally, but had a nice spiciness to it with a great creamy mouthfeel. He liked something! The bitterness was towards the back of the tongue and not at the front.  That’s about it.  It’s an IPA but it’s the first Magic Hat beer that I’ve enjoyed.  Figures that since it’s a limited release beer it would be one that I would enjoy.  This one I wouldn’t mind seeing in Kansas (note to Magic Hat Brewing please make more like this and send it).

I was just as surprised as you to find a Magic Hat Brewing Company beer that I enjoyed.  I wish I had more of this one to really feel it out as to if it’s 6 pack worthy.  I think it is.  There isn’t anything special that I noticed about it but it is a good IPA.  If it didn’t come in a mixed pack with beers that I’m not found of I would highly recommend it.  But maybe you like the description of the others from the pack so in that case run out and find the Magic Hat Brewing Company mix pack (I’m sure by now there are some new beers in it except for #9).



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