Cherry Oak Dopplebock (Widmer Brothers’ Brewing Co.)

I cracked open this beer 2 days past our 6 month anniversary.  That’s right folks we’ve made it 6 months as a married couple. Over seven now. The reason I bring this up is that not only did we get married over 6 months ago but our honeymoon took us to Portland where we happened to go to a brewery called Widmer Brothers (you can see in the picture on our about page we are sitting in their Guesthaus).  They didn’t have this one there, but they did have an amazing Prickly Pear Braggot (which is a mead/beer mixture).  I was really delighted when I stopped at our new local liquor store Spirits of 76 in Wamego and found they had a decent selection of beer.  I grabbed this one because I had never heard of it and thought it would be a fun one to do a review of.  So on to the review.

The body color is a dark brown with a slight reddish tint and the head was tan.  The aroma was malty (slightly grainy) with a hint of cherries and vanilla.  The taste was primarily vanilla and cherry with a sweet finish.  I really like the subtleness of cherries, but the doppelbock is almost overwhelming. To me, It’s very malty/grainy w/ a slight cherry taste topped off with vanilla. There also is a slight bitterness (maybe from the oak).  The finish on the way down is very warming, but pleasantly smooth. Clearly we are on opposite ends with this beer.  I found it one way and she found the opposite.  Ahh, married life is wonderful.

Widmer Brothers has a pretty wide expanse and it’s good to finally find something other than their Hefeweizen in the Manhattan area.  They happen to carry Drifter Pale Ale at Spirits of 76, but that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. It’s too bad they don’t carry more as they do make some really good beers.  Come on Manhattan let’s get some more choice in our beer.  If not that’s fine I live closer to Topeka and I know they have a great selection.



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