Smoke “Smoked Porter” (O’Fallon Brewery)

Call me strange but I really do like smoked beers.  They always remind me of sitting around a bonfire with friends and waking up the next day to realize that you reek of smoke (and now your sheets do too).  Not that awful cigarette smoke of being at a bar but that woody delicious smoke.  If you remember back to this summer when we did the Shiner Smokehaus review you’ll note that sometimes the smoke just isn’t right in the beer and needs some time to mellow out.  Smoke by O’Fallon Brewery is not one of those beers.  Smoke and darker beers go really well together.  O’Fallon Brewery has a lot of fantastic beers and I wish we could get them more often around Manhattan.  As I was told in one liquor store “we will never carry them again because they don’t sell.”  Hmmm. Seems to me someone needs to market their beer better around here.  O’Fallon we need a beer tasting.  Please come to Manhattan.

The body color is black and the head tan.  The aroma is pretty much smoke. I’m not getting anything else but smoke.  The taste is smokey (surprise surprise) with a hint of chocolate in the finish.  The mouthfeel is thick and almost kind of creamy.  It’s good as smoked beers go.  The smoke is very noticable in the nose and the front of the tongue.  Whereas the back mellows out to a nice smokey after taste that lingers.  A little of this beer would go a long way.  I think a six pack might be a bit much (well at least if you drank it all at once, but if you drank over a month it would be great).  I would try using some of this in chili or marinating a steak to add some smokey flavors. 

You really have to love smoked beers to get through a 6 pack though.  That goes for all smoked beers not just O’Fallon.  Smoke beers are different and sometimes overwhelming.  I would recommend working your way into trying one of these if you’ve never had one before.  Some good ones to try are Left Hand’s Smoke Jumper, Blind Tiger’s Smoked Porter, and a good old German Rauchbier.



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