Pinstripe Red Ale (Ska Brewing Co.)

There is more to Ska Brewing than just cans.  In fact some of their beers still come in bottles.  Pinstripe Red Ale is one of those beers.   It’s also the first non-can beer I’ve had from them (which isn’t saying much since I’ve only had their ESB and this one).   As I’ve said before I was scared to try them because I thought they only canned and at the time I wasn’t much for canned beer.  Now however, I love canned beer.  I was shocked though to see that Ska Brewing also bottles some of their beers.  I’m not sure why some are canned and some are bottled but I hope they switch to cans all the time (especially now that they are a regional brewery).  Seeing that they do bottles as well I thought I would pick some up and give it a try. 

The body color is a reddish coppery hue with a slightly off white head.  The aroma is mostly malty/caramel and sweet.  The taste is pretty much the same as the aroma with a lot of malt but a nice hint of bitterness.  The mouth feel is smooth.  Pinstripe is not as sweet as I would have expected from the aroma.  This is a really good all around drinking beer.  I could easily see myself hanging out with friends throwing several of these back (now if only I could get it in cans). 

Congrats again to the guys and gals of Ska Brewing for reaching Regional Craft Brewery status.  That is fantastic news and I hope to see more of your beer on the shelves here in Kansas (especially if it’s in cans).



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