Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (Great Divide Brewing Co.)

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Abominabile Snowman, Yeti all of which are the names of the mythical creature some say wanders our planet.  The real creature may be mythical but lucky for us Great Divide Brewing Company has created and bottled a little Yeti for us to enjoy.   They have as many different versions of Yeti as there are names for the creature itself.  There is Yeti, Oak Aged Yeti, Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, and Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (I’m sure there are more but those just have been found yet).  The one for this review is the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.  I had been in the mood for Yeti for a while but my only choices as of late have been Chocolate Oak Aged or just Oak Aged.  I decided to go with this one because Amber wanted something with chocolate in it.  So here is the review.

The color is black (very very dark brown according to Amber) with a lighter brown (leather) head.  The aroma was mostly chocolate and alcohol with some vanilla hints.  The taste was the same with chocolate, alcohol, a hint of vanilla,  and what I thought was a slight resiny finish but that actually turned out to be  cayenne pepper.  The mouth feel was smooth with a nice warming sensation on the way down.  This one (like all of the Yeti Imperial Stouts) weighs in at about 9.5% ABV.  Amber found this one to be  bland when super cold but had a nice chocolate after taste.  As it warmed she really enjoyed it.  I would recommend letting this one warm up slightly before drinking it so you get the full effect of the chocolate and cayenne pepper.

Yeti is good in any form that it comes in.  The first time I had Yeti I was told it was like drinking a glass of wet hair.  Which sounds gross but trust me it’s not.  In fact Yeti is delicious.  It pours thick and looks thick which means it will probably put hair on your chest (or tongue).  Go out and grab any one of the versions you can find and try it.  I think you’ll like what you find. 



One response to “Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (Great Divide Brewing Co.)

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Yeti…and it is sort of like drinking wet hair. Or even…like drinking a Yeti that wrestles your tongue into a delicious submission.

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