Moving Forward

I was originally intending to only have about a week long hiatus as I figured out some directions for the blog. That turned into about a two week hiatus. Sorry about that. In that time though I was distracted with thinking about working in the beer industry in some manner. What exactly does that mean? Well as I’ve said I’ve been actively seeking employment at a brewery and even at a distributor. The state of those seems to be nothing yet. The distributor position seems very unlikely. As for the brewery, only time will tell. In the mean time though we’ve been thinking about our brewpub idea. Ultimately it would be awesome. As of right now it’s fairly unrealistic. One reason is that I don’t have enough  experience at brewing. Another reason is just the market in the area. I’m not fully convinced that it could handle having 2 brewpubs and a brewery within a 20 mile radius. So here is the thing if we are to have a brewpub. We need a brewer. I’m not talking about someone that has done some home brewing but has done some serious brewing. If we do this I would like to hit the ground running with some really fantastic beers. Yes I did mean multiple beers. I don’t see the point of a brewpub that has one beer and supplements the other taps with beers from other breweries. If anyone knows of a brewer that would like to start a brewpub in the middle of Kansas feel free to have he or she contact us.

Another idea that we’ve been kicking around lately is starting a home brew shop in Manhattan. The nearest one is in Topeka and in my opinion not the best. Other than that one though the next closest home brew shop would be near Kansas City. I know there are several home brewers in Manhattan and I’ve seen that craft beer is catching on more and more with the younger crowd. So it would seem perhaps a home brew shop that had grains, extracts, bottles, kegs, starter kits, and all the other parts and pieces needed to home brew might go over fairly well. This one would probably be just slightly easier to pull off as well since all that would really be needed is a building, website, and wholesaler for the equipment.

Let me know what all of you think. Would you be interested in a brewpub? Would you be interested in learning how to brew your own beer? Do you think this would go over well in either Manhattan or Topeka? Comment below and let me know. I’m interested to hear your take on some of this.



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