Chocolate Rain!

Not really but I did find out that today we in Manhattan can finally get what took Kansas City by storm last week. Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale! I have one bottle reserved (at least I hope he got it reserved) and I hope to get at least one more. Those of you that have heard about this beer I was told it drops at noon at Nespor’s (I assume other places will follow) and will likely be gone by 1:00. If you have the day off or feel like taking an extended lunch break today would be a great day to get this very very limited ale (although it will be back next year).


UPDATE!!  I just found out that Heritage Wine and Liquor will also have some Boulevard Chocolate Ale. Looks like it is hitting Manhattan in full force.

UPDATE 2!! I managed to get 2 bottles. One I is already in the fridge and the other will be in my “cellar” for later. I would hurry out and get some if I were you. Heritage Wine and Liquor told me some guy wants to buy the whole case.


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