Where have I been?

Lately I’ve been busy. Sorry. I’ve done some brewing and been hard at work trying to get a job in the beer industry. I’ve still been taking pictures and reviewing beers. However, I haven’t had time to add them. I’ll get back on that bandwagon soon. Look for some new reviews later this week.

In the mean time though here’s a few things you may have missed in the last couple of weeks in the beer world.

Sierra Nevada will soon be in cans. They probably aren’t going all cans but I think it’ll be nice to grab a 12 pack of Pale Ale cans, start the grill, and hang out with friends all afternoon. Congrats Sierra Nevada and welcome to the world of cans.

Ska Brewing put out this awesome video.

Beer now has a five year mission to boldly explore where no man has gone before. Ok not really but now beer is in space.

Remember the saying beer before liquor never sicker, and liquor before beer you’re in the clear. Well I guess that doesn’t really apply to beer cocktails.

For those of you in the Manhattan area I’d like suggest you check out The Library. No, not that place full of dusty old books. The liquor store in Aggieville. Since the last time I was there they have added quite a few new beers. In fact I would dare to say they now have the best selection in town.

Speaking of new beer. Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum can be found at Nespor’s. I didn’t see it anywhere else so that is the only place I know of it.

Finally if you hadn’t heard Tallgrass Brewing released their new summer seasonal. Halcyon unfiltered American wheat. Good stuff. Currently it can be found at Auntie Mae’s in Aggieville and sometime soon cans. So if you know of Tallgrass but don’t live in Manhattan, KS then keep your eyes peeled for Halcyon in 12 ounce cans.



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