St. Patrick’s Day

Neither one of us is Irish but we like to celebrate as if we were. No, that doesn’t mean we go out and pound as many green dyed beers as possible or slam Irish Car Bombs. Instead we like to sit down to a nice Irish meal and drink some Irish ale (Jameson on occasion). For us St. Patrick’s Day isn’t about getting hammered, it’s about enjoying another culture.

This past weekend in Manhattan was the infamous Fake Patty’s Day. While this sounds awesome I assure you it is not. Maybe it’s that I’m old or maybe it’s that I just don’t like large crowds of drunk college students. The point is, walking around and drinking green dyed beer from 8 am until the bars close is completly irresponsible. The beer may be cheap but binge drinking like that is never good. Seattle weekly put it best in their article “Only Douchebags Drink Green Beer.” I do know many people who partake in this type of consumption so they are exempt from the terminology but not from my ridicule. Someday they will enjoy (at the very least) Guinness.

I suggest that those of us that are older and perhaps more interested in good food and good friends have our own Fake Patty’s Day somewhere else. We can gather around and eat Potato cakes, Corned Beef (here is some history on that which might shock you just a little), Lamb, Stew, etc. Perhaps later that afternoon we can all drink some Irish ales and listen to traditional Irish music. Have a good time responsibly. So we hope everyone goes out and drinks responsibly and doesn’t get into any type of trouble on this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.



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