Brewmasters Cancelled

You read that correctly. Brewmasters is gone. Why? Because AB threatened to pull their ads if Discovery didn’t cancel the show. Buy out a craft brewery and cancel a show about craft beer in the same week? Well looks like AB is digging an even bigger grave for themselves. So if you have your DVRs set you won’t be seeing a new Brewmasters showing up ever again. Maybe it could be turned into a web based show. Any takers on that?

UPDATE: Here’s a news article from Delaware Online with Sam Calagione’s take on what happened. Good news out of this at least the 6th episode will air. So my previous statement about your DVRs is false and you will hopefully sometime this summer get the final episode. It also appears that Anthony Bourdain is the man responsible for some of the talk about the big beer threat of pulling ads. Sam chose not to comment on that so there may be some small grain of truth to it but I guess we’ll never really know.



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