Well this awkward….

5 years ago in a galaxy far far away this blog began as a way to spread the good word of good beer throughout the state of Kansas. Looks like I wasn’t needed to do that. Craft beer has gone through its own growth and its own horn tooting. However, I’m bringing this blog back not to spread the word but to keep it strong. There are more breweries in this nation than ever. Sadly, many of those breweries put out mediocre beer. Quantity vs quality seems to be the theme. It’s time to move past holding breweries’ hands and telling them they are making amazing beer. It’s time to tell them we don’t like things. It’s time to call them out on quality issues. It’s time for rock solid beers. 

Brief history lesson: 

If you are returning to these posts then welcome back. If you are new then hello. Ive had an interesting few years that went from good to bad to I’m not sure. In the past few years I’ve become a father, lost my job at a brewery, tried to start my own brewery, gotten divorced, and started my life over. Ups and a lot of downs. So coming back to this blog felt like something I wanted to do. I was asked about a year ago to do some reviews for a friend that was attempting to start a magazine. That didn’t happen. The awesome friend of mine managed to get my reviews and pictures into a magazine. It’s called Weng Chop. Under a section entitled brewmaster general. I received my copy not long ago. I felt very happy. Happier than I have been for a while. So I’m dusting this blog off and bringing it back to the masses.

As I started this blog with assistance this relaunch will need some copilots. A good friend of mine has agreed to join in and create some beer posts of her own. Some of you will know her and some of you won’t. I would love to introduce her but I’m going to leave that for her first post. 

I have a few fun ideas for future contributors so if you are cook and like to experiment with beer in recipes hit us up (this includes bakers too). 

So here is to some great future great beers. Enjoy Kansas Craft Beer Week and keep your eyes peeled for more posts.



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