Brewmiscuous –adjective; characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association with craft beer. having beer relations with a number of bottles/cans/pints on a casual basis.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a pint. Prost!



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  1. patrick michael flynn

    Hello. Drank beer from germany to ireland…jamaica…canada….belgium…and colorado… love it all ..can’t get enough…have a 2 year old and have to keep it together…mexican beer…yuck modelo negro maybe….bud light…r u people alive? whats up with light beer drinkers? shame on you! junk all of it calories? Step back and get some cashews…. wow…isn’t beer/ale great? I’m asking all beer drinkers to tell me what beer will send me to nirvana? Avalanche ale…… Chimay? or should I just stick to german american sales pitch…. I’m serchin for the perfect beer……help me I’m 50 years old and need a new taste…PEACE

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