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Brew Year’s Eve

Today everybody should grab a beer and toast to the beginning of the end of The Great Experiment. Beer was legal during Prohibition but only what was called “near beer” which means it’s alcohol content was .05%. On this day 78 years ago the Volstead Act was changed to allow the sale and production of 3.2% beer. While that still seems low by today’s standards, at that time was a huge victory and within 8 months helped lead to the repeal of Prohibition. So tonight grab a beer and toast the end of “near beer”. If you are interested in a little more info about this day click here.



First Contact

No I don’t mean aliens or Star Trek. The other night I was checking my email and came across one from Granite City Brewery. They emailed me with a promotional video and wanted me to post it to on here to get the word out about them bottling beers. At first I didn’t know what to think. I was torn between shock that someone wanted me to do something with my blog for their brewery and sadness because it was Granite City. I’ve been to the one in KC and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. To top off my visit one of the employees even agreed that the beers were not that good. But you know I’ll let all that slide and post the video. Only because it was the first contact I had with another brewery asking to get the word out. Here you go.



Brewmasters Cancelled

You read that correctly. Brewmasters is gone. Why? Because AB threatened to pull their ads if Discovery didn’t cancel the show. Buy out a craft brewery and cancel a show about craft beer in the same week? Well looks like AB is digging an even bigger grave for themselves. So if you have your DVRs set you won’t be seeing a new Brewmasters showing up ever again. Maybe it could be turned into a web based show. Any takers on that?

UPDATE: Here’s a news article from Delaware Online with Sam Calagione’s take on what happened. Good news out of this at least the 6th episode will air. So my previous statement about your DVRs is false and you will hopefully sometime this summer get the final episode. It also appears that Anthony Bourdain is the man responsible for some of the talk about the big beer threat of pulling ads. Sam chose not to comment on that so there may be some small grain of truth to it but I guess we’ll never really know.


New Kansas Breweries!

For those of you that have been following me for a while might recall my Kansas breweries post last fall. If not here’s a link. Apparently there are a few more beginning to pop up. They don’t all have their doors open yet but soon. They are Crazy Eye Brewing in Hiawatha, BarnYard Beer in Lawrence, and Wichita Brewing Company and Pizzaria in Wichita.

This is awesome news! I love to see new breweries springing up in Kansas. Good luck to these new breweries and I hope to get to sample your beers soon.


Here we go…

The dust seems to be settling about the inital shock of yesterday’s Goose Island buyout. Well I guess more like 58% of ownership. The other 42% belongs to the Craft Beer Alliance (Widmer, Red Hook, and Kona). Well at least we know part of Goose Island will still be free of AB’s grasp…..wait what’s this? Oh they decided to sell their 42% shares to AB?!? So Goose Island is now 100% owned by AB. Great. Now I really don’t know how to feel. I like quality in my beer but even if nothing changes at Goose Island I keep hearing in my head “Here we go.” And yes that is said just the way it is in all the Bud Light commericals. Pretty waitress hands a Honker’s Ale to a bunch of guys and says “Here we go,” as they stare at her as she walks off and they repeat “Here we go.” I wonder if AB will spend the money to create an Afflac like duck to sell Goose Island in advertisements?

Good news though. The Goose Island brewpubs will still be owned by John Hall. Whatever that’s going to mean.

Moving on. In archaeology news they still have no idea who the first civilization was that created beer and when.

Finally saw this Do-it-yourself automated home brew setup. Looks like I need to figure out how to do this. Good thing I married into a family of engineers.